Unico’s Medicine Publishing House, was established in Istanbul in 2021 with aim to publish periodical journals and books with content including research articles and knowledge in the field of medicine, is a reliable solution partner in all stages of media production based on publication principles and international scientific standards.
In addition to the production of scientific journals that publish articles of researchers, Unico’s Medicine Publishing House publishes books.
Unico’s Medicine Publishing House provides services through the improvement of journal publication standards making them eligible for application and indexing of these journals in international databases.
We provide regular archiving for all of our journals on their websites by supporting open access policy.
Embracing the mission to provide global accessibility to knowledge produced by researchers in the field of medicine, Unico’s Medicine Publishing House publishes journals according to the criteria set by the international databases and provides consulting and implementation services to the editorial boards and journals.

Unico’s Medicine Publishing House Team

Owner and Publisher

Zuhal Inal

Publications Coordinators

Elif Edinç

Ceylan Ovat

Umit Karabulut

Project Coordinators

Kerim Sarıgül

Translation Coordinators

Fırat Güventurk


Yusuf Bera Sarıgül